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Experts in building and designing websites on the WordPress platform. We believe that we have the ability to take your company to a newer, fresher, cool, trendy and professional place while considering the diffrent browsers and screens. Our vision is to help businesses advertise to the their desired audience and to allow them to reach as many potential custemers holding an appropriate budget.
Our Services

Areas of Expertise

Coporate Website
A website is your face on the network, and your business should look good and convey the right message. We specialize in building properly designed and written websites. Have you decided to build or renew your website? It's time to talk on accurate characterization and building your image on the network!
Landing Page
A page that we direct the traffic from (usually sponsored) Facebook, Google or another traffic channel in order to focus the surfer’s attention to a specific product or service, motivate him/her to make a purchase, additinally to leave contact details or to call now.
Digital Business Card
With the digital business card for your business you can link all the social networks together. Allowing easy Navigation to your business using Google Maps or Waze, and sharing it quickly on a wide variety of applications and more.
Online Store
A online store is a website whose purpose is to sell products/services online. A virtual store thats connected to a payment system, digital bills and product inventory management.

Website Building Process

Full Characterization
In the first step we will perform full characterization for the business. Build new strategy for your brand. Prepare the graphic design ideas. Decide the website appearance, and discuss how it will built and more.
Website Building and Content Preparation
Content and graphic designs will be prepared for you and your website on WordPress for the intial and final form. We will make a responsive adjustment of the site for browsing on mobile and different screens.
The website is Ready
It's time to get an impression of your new website and to start acting accordingly with your advertising strategy.
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